Moss Rack For Growing Plants As Background

This sale is for one 12 inch “Moss Rack.” The width is 8 inches and the height is 12 inches.

This Rack is unique. It is very easy to use and install. It always stays flat against the glass to minimize space that is lost. These dead spaces that remain behind objects have poor circulation, low oxygen, and promote bacteria and nuisance algae growth.

The rack has three large compartments to slide the moss into for maximum growth. The first picture is the 12 inch rack that you will receive. The rest of the photos show how it is used. You can view in the pictures how first you place the moss inside the mesh, then crimp or bend down the wire with your fingers or with pliers. This closes the mesh off and enables you to hang the rack. Then you’re done! Ready to hang on your aquarium. In a few months you will have a nice green wall of live moss as a background for your aquarium. With continued growth of the plants, the mesh and wire frame will be completely covered.

Sometimes, I also attach different plants to the  mesh by tying the root system to the mesh with fishing line. This gives a varied look to the wall background

To save on shipping, I bent the hooks and the bottom base loop flat so it would fit in an envelope. So bend the hooks back straight and bend the bottom loop out to a 90 degree angle perpendicular to the aquarium wall glass. This bottom loop is meant to serve as an anchor to go under your gravel or rock. It is meant to sit flat on the bottom of your aquarium glass. This will insure that the Moss Rack remains in place nice and snug against the glass. You don’t have to have that large gap that you get with the suction cup metnod of installing on the glass. This rack will side easily under your filter if you have a rear hanging type of filter. Simply pick up your filter and place the hooks where you want them. Then hang the filter over the rack.

For large tanks that have support dividers, no problem. The hooks will just hang on either side of the dividers

This moss rack also comes in a larger size for larger tanks. (24 inches high x 8 inch wide) – 20 inch and 18 inch