Malaysian Driftwood 26x13x11 PetSafe Aquarium ReptileXL

[ 26″ x 13″ x 11″ ] (LxWxH base on placing of the driftwood)
[ XL ]
[ A ]
[ 27 lbs ]
Serial Number:
[ ADS110791 ]

What you see on the picture above is the actual product that you will receive. There are taking in multiple angle shot so that you can see the detail of the driftwood looks like.

Malaysia driftwood is a favorite choice for aquascaping because it is natural and self-sinking, thus do not need to have a base to keep it from floating. Its natural look blends well with fish and plants in the aquarium and is the finishing touch to a beautiful aquascape.

Fish love driftwood and will make it their home once it is introduced into the aquarium, especially when live plants are added to the oles and hollow areas of driftwood.

We are seriously to produce high quality nice piece of Malaysian Driftwood. Therefore, we go through complicated process to produce our products. For example, it’s start from cutting process, washing process, drying process, QC processing, packing process and fumigate process before ship out.

When it is placed into the water, it will still have the tendency to brown the water and release some tannin. It is suggested to soak the driftwood in clear water for few days before transferring into the aquarium. Although our good quality driftwood will sinks immediately into water, not like others.

Malaysian Driftwood naturally releases Beneficial tannins in the water which can tint the color of the water. This process is NATURAL and NOT HARMFUL. This process may tint your aquarium water which is beneficial to many soft-water fish. Catfish & Plecos love to nibble on the wood. If the tinting is not desired you can ease the process OR eliminate the tinting by performing regular water changes weekly & a have a good filtration system. Also, boiling the wood will speed up the process of removing the tannins from the wood that cause tinting.

– Natural real driftwood
– Sinks immediately into water
– Legally imported from Malaysia
– Fumigated, Pet Safe
– Eco-Friendly

– Aquarium
– Reptile Habitat
– Vivarium
– Art Deco
– Furniture
– Personal Collection.