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Digital Automatic Aquarium Fish Tank Food Feeder Timer

Digital Automatic Aquarium Fish Tank Food Feeder Timer
Price: 16.99
Sold On: eBay
Location: Hong Kong /
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Digital Aquarium Automatic Fish Tank Food Feeder Timer

Do you want to keep fishes at home but have to give up because no one feeds them when you go to work? Have you given up a family travel plan for no one feeds your fishes? If you are still obsessed by the problem, this brand new automatic fish feeder solves the problem for you

Patented design for moistureproofing and mixing food Filling the container with food without disassembling the automatic feeder Four times setting in one day Safe and convenient Working automatically or manually

Dimension: 75 mm in diameter, 40 mm in heightWeight: 300 g

Package included:
1 X Automatic fish feeder 1 X User manual 1 X Magic tape

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