Designer ALOHA TIKI desk AQUARIUM salt water fish tank

Designer ALOHA TIKI desk AQUARIUM salt water fish tank

With swaying palms and the echo of distant drums,let the Aloha Tiki model transport you into the romance of Polynesia. This cylindrical aquarium is incorporated within a delicately carved tiki statue, detailed with native images. With its hand-carved appearance and authentic finishes, this aquarium is sure to be a conversation piece. These unique and highly detailed pieces are the perfect accessory to any interior. Each aquarium is completely self-contained and features a museum quality coral reef sculpture, an advanced submersible filtration system, and a power compact lighting unit with 10 watt fluorescent bulb.

Details: Approx Dimensions: 13.5″ length, 13.5″ width, 24.5″ height 5 gallon salt or freshwater designer aquarium Hand-painted, detailed coral reef sculpture Complete Set-up Kit included with every purchase! -This package includes a pre-packed 5 gallon box of Instant Ocean synthetic sea-salt, a pre-measured 3 pound bag of Fiji pink moist “live” sand and a Stealth 25 watt submersible aquarium heater.

The Reef Each aquarium features a hand-painted, detailed coral reef sculpture. Recognizing the necessity for preservation of our natural resources, we have created a beautiful and functional alternative to the living reef. In addition to its attractive and colorful focus, the reef provides fish with a natural looking and comfortable habitat to explore. The reef is crafted using only the finest non-toxic materials available. As with any replicated aquarium décor, we recommend that the reef sculpture be rinsed in freshwater prior to set-up to ensure that any packing material residue or dust is removed from the tank before introducing fish.

Filtration Each aquarium utilizes the latest technology in water filtration design and is equipped to function in a fresh water or salt water environment. The advanced 90 gph silent submersible filtration system effectively replicates the natural processes of waste removal with built in mechanical, chemical and biological capabilities, ensuring optimal water quality in your aquarium. Complete with a venturi valve to adjust the oxygen output and a rotating return for regulating surface agitation, the filter also allows you to control the direction and rate of the water flow. Convenient filtration media cartridges are ready to use and can be changed in seconds. All components are fully removable for easy access and cleaning procedures. The filter pads and carbon cartridges are standardized items and can be purchased at most aquarium retailers.

Lighting Like any artistic masterpiece, lighting is an imperative component to enhancing true beauty. From enhancing the colors of the detailed coral reef sculpture to accentuating the innate vibrant hues of each living species, lighting plays an integral role in creating a mood. The lighting used in all aquariums is a custom UL rated lighting fixture with a brilliant 10 watt self ballasted, 6500K fluorescent bulb. Positioned and mounted above the reef to avoid obstruction and shading, the compact system evenly deflects light throughout the tank.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does my aquarium have to be a salt-water environment? No, your aquarium is equipped with an advanced filtration system that allows you to run your aquarium as a fresh water or salt water environment. If you desire to maintain a fresh-water aquarium, you must incorporate fresh water fish and simply do not add the pre-measured synthetic salt or “live” sand, if purchased. You will need to purchase an approved gravel from your local aquarium dealer since the “live” sand is salt based and cultured from the ocean. Refer to an official fish handbook to learn which fish inhabit fresh water environments. Our reef and corals are created with a beautiful combination of vibrant colors and subtle hues to emulate the natural looking corals found in salt – water environments, however it is certainly the choice of the consumer to decide to maintain a salt-water or fresh-water aquarium.

What do I need to setup my aquarium? All of our uniquely designed aquariums ship fully assembled and will accompany the decorative surround, an artistically detailed coral reef sculpture, a seamless cast acrylic cylindrical tank, power compact lighting unit with 10 watt fluorescent bulb, and a technologically advanced filtration system. A complete set – up kit is available for purchase which will include all the necessary components required to immediately establish a salt water environment such as synthetic salt, “live” sand, and a 25 watt submersible aquarium heater. Simply add reversed osmosis filtered water obtained from your local aquarium dealer or grocery store, and begin to introduce fish to their new home. Always refer to the instruction manual provided with your tank for proper setup procedures and safety precautions.

How many fish are able to live harmoniously in my aquarium? It is important to run your aquarium for 24 to 48 hours before introducing any fish into the aquarium. Start by adding one or two small fish at the initial set-up to allow for the aquarium to establish a natural bacteria bed. Over the next few weeks, you may add additional fish into your aquarium. Adding too many fish at once will only stress the fish and create a large bio-load, which will result in a longer cycling process. Typically, we recommend approximately 4 small fish in each aquarium, once it has become fully established. From our experience, small salt water farm raised fish such as cromis, damsels, and clown fish have proven to be some of the best species to inhabit this environment, based on their hardiness and vibrant colors. When selecting fish for your aquarium, be sure to choose several fish with different environmental habitats. For instance, you might consider a few bottom dwellers, some free swimmers, and perhaps another species that will occupy the various niches found on the reef sculpture. This will promote an overall balance to your aquarium and prevent crowding. An official handbook can be purchased from your local aquarium dealer and may be helpful when researching the compatibility of various species.

How much should I feed my fish and how often? Contact your local aquarium retailer for a recommended feeding schedule depending on the species you selected and the fish population within your aquarium. We recommend using a hormone-free, color enhancing and vitamin rich pellet food specifically designed for salt water ornamentals. In the event you are maintaining a fresh water aquarium, be sure to purchase a pellet food that is approved for fresh water fish. It is necessary to make sure not to overfeed your fish. The suggested amount of food is as much as they can eat in about five minutes. You will be able to observe the proper amounts to distribute after a few feedings.

How difficult is it to maintain my aquarium? Depending on the amount of fish inhabiting your aquarium, the amount of food dispensed into the tank, and the placement of your aquarium relative to a natural light source, maintenance is minimal. Simply use a padded brush from your local marine supply store to gently remove any algae that may accumulate on the reef and corals. This procedure should be performed about every few weeks or when algae is visibly present. The reef sculpture can be removed and rinsed, but should not be bleached or placed in any detergents. Avoid placing your aquarium in the direct path of sunlight as this will cause maintenance and algae production to significantly increase. Acrylic approved aquarium magnets can be purchased from you local dealer to remove any algae build up along the acrylic walls. Due to natural evaporation, when the water line becomes visible and recedes below the decorative surround, simply add reversed osmosis filtered water into the tank. It is not necessary to add salt water when replenishing evaporated water. Only add salt water into the tank when conducting a water change. To maintain an optimal water flow rate and overall filter performance, it is needed to rinse the blue pre-filter pad in on a weekly basis. Replacement of the pre-filter cartridge may be needed over time, depending on your bio-load and waste build up. See the manufacturer’s manual for proper cleaning procedures regarding the filtration system.

Do I have to conduct a complete water change each time I clean my aquarium? No, DO NOT conduct a water change during your routine cleaning schedule. Note: a water change is different from replenishing the naturally evaporated water in your tank. A water change is needed to eliminate a build up of nitrates and toxins in the water. Nitrate is not harmful to your fish, however an abundant amount will cause toxicity within the fish. To determine if a water change is necessary, you can measure the water chemistry using a saltwater test kit available from your local aquarium retailer, or many retailers will test you water for you if you bring them a water sample. As a rule of thumb, depending on the fish population, a 20% water change should be conducted every month or as needed, once the aquarium has become established. Always reference your manual provided with the tank for a complete set of instructions or consult your local aquarium retailer when performing any maintenance and water changes.

Where can I purchase replacement parts for the lighting and filter systems? The parts used in the lighting and filtration systems are standardized items that may be purchased from most aquarium retailers. The light is a self ballasted 10 watt fluorescent bulb. All the filtration components and part numbers are listed in the manufacturer’s manual provided with the filter. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL US!