C02 Diffuser – Amano Style

some people contacted me regarding the c02 diffuser i used on my 29 gallon tank. It was an authentic Amano c02 Diffuser but you can find them for less that do pretty much the same thing. How it works is that you determine the amount of c02 going into your tank by the bubble count. This is just a really fancy way to count bubbles as the bubble will twirl upwards before going into the tank. It’s actually pretty cool. reminds me of watching the jaw-breaker roll around and around before i can get it from those candy stands.

C02 Diffuser

Bubble counter is indispensable with any Co2 setup because it helps to estimate the amount of Co2 injected. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain the correct Co2 levels. Excess Co2 levels will lead to a sudden drop in pH level & cause severe stress to your fish. On the contrary, underdose of Co2 will affect the growth of your plants.

When Rhinox counter is setup, the bubbles will roll upwards along the coil. When they eventually escapes from the coil, you can count the number of bubbles per second to estimate on the Co2 injection rate.

Compatible with pressurized Co2 tanks & DIY yeast bottles
# To setup: Fill the counter with water
# Connect the Co2 tubing to the inlet of the counter
# Co2 gas from the pipe will create bubbles in the water
# Count the number of bubbles per second to make calculation
# Rhinox counter can be placed outside the tank. Use the suction cups to attach it on the wall of the aquarium.

Size: 1 inch diameter, 5 inches height
Note: Suction cups included.

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