Blue Daisy combo Zoanthids

Up for sale is a coral frag. All of our corals are grown in a greenhouse under natural sunlight.  All polyps are fully healed before shipping. Photos are taken under natural sunlight with a Pentax W90 underwater point and shoot camera with supplement led blue lights to enhance the color to show you what they will look like in your home aquarium; no alteration of color. Polyps are shipped attached to a small piece of live rock and glued to a 1” x 1” frag square which can be easily removed for easy placement into your reef.    

All shipments are packed with a heat pack or cold pack depending on the temperature in your location. Shipping is $19.00 for the first auction won(USPS priority 1- 3 day mail) (up to 10 auctions combined max in 1 box) or $39.00 overnight USPS express mail (up to 10 auctions combined max in 1 box). There is a $1.00 handling charge for each extra coral added to the shipment. (10 corals are the maximum in 1 box no exceptions! When you check out please mark which method of shipping you would prefer.  We have it set up so that when you check out you will only be charged shipping for the first coral and then $1.00 for each additional coral thereafter.  If you need the corals shipped out on a specific day, please notify us and we will be happy to do so otherwise we ship Mondays and Tuesday’s.

We guarantee your corals will arrive alive and healthy.  In the very unlikely event that a coral does arrive DOA, please email us a photo within 2 hours of the signed arrival.  Once DOA is confirmed, we will give you a credit of the purchase price (excluding the shipping charge) toward a future order from ReefBeyondBelief.  Please note: Live arrival and healthy guarantee is void if USPS cannot deliver your corals on their first attempt, please be home to except the corals as you will need to sign for them.  We will send you tracking information regarding your shipment, please use this to track your shipment and be there to receive.   Unfortunately shipments can be delayed during transit, due to a variety of reasons and human error, DOA is only valid if it arrives within the 1-3 day guaranty. Please use the tracking info to anticipate the arrival of your corals.  If for any reason you are not happy with your order please notify us before leaving negative feedback.  We strive to make every transaction a pleasant one and we will do what we can to remedy any problems that you may have.

Payment only through PayPal and must be submitted within 8 hours of sale or item will be relisted. If payment is not received in the allotted time I will have to report you to eBay and that is not a good thing.  If you have questions regarding the checkout processes please email us at   

Our Greenhouse facility is located in Southern California.  We have been selling aquaculture and wild collected corals for years.  We work hard to make every transaction with our customers as smooth as possible.  Please remember these are live coral which need a specific environment to survive.  Please email us before purchase if you have questions regarding their specific care.