This item is brand new and sealed in its original packaging. It retails for $350 + taxes. It has received numerous design awards all over the world and will be a great addition to any home interior.

Biorb Life 12 gallon WHITE    Medium biOrb Life Portrait aquarium with advanced LED light

Set apart from anything else on the market, the designer aquariums feature a crystal clear acrylic front and back and are finished with seamless gloss coloured acrylic wrap. Available in ice white or piano black, the handmade range are a unique must have item.

Each aquarium within the Collection has a unique advanced slim line. Intelligent LED Light that provides an automatic 24 hour lighting cycle, including a natural gradual sunrise, sunset and blue moonlight. This sophisticated lighting system provides a healthier environment for the fish and fascinating night-time viewing for the owner.Sunrise, daylight, sunset and moonlight cycles – change at the push of a button with 7 different cycles, allowing you to increase the length of daylight to suit your requirements Automatic 24-hour timer – just plug the light in and it cycles at the same time everyday Peak output of 6,500k with a broad spectrum either side of that. This creates a rich blue/white light ideal for an

No need to change a bulb – it lasts 50,000 hours using long-life, low energy cost saving LEDs. Safe, low voltage, 12 volt power for use with all Reef One aquariums (except baby biOrb)
Slimline design fits into all biOrb aquariums (excluding the Baby biOrb).

Concealed in the aquarium lid and only 18 mm thick.
Simple and quick replacement for the existing halogen light unit.Available
in three sizes – an 8 gallon square style and a 12 and 16 gal. portrait style, the new Collection incorporates the biOrb’s advanced filtration system keeping the water cleaner and clearer for longer, providing a healthy habitat for fish.The biOrb Life Aquarium box contains: An acrylic bowl, lid and base that is stronger and clearer than glass.A low voltage (12V) air pump that’s very safe for children. A low voltage (12V) transformer with two din sockets for a pump and light. Water conditioner and fish food sachets.An easy change filter cartridge. That means less maintenance.A bag of ceramic media to encourage biological filtration.An easy to follow care and installation guide with helpful tips on planting and choosing fish.