Axelrod & Burgess Aquarium Freshwater Fish NEW Book

The Encyclopedia of Freshwater Tropical FishesExpanded EditionThis book is a BRAND New, High quality hard cover freshwater fish encyclopedia with dust jacket, written by THE most well known and very respected Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod, Dr. Cliff W. Emmens, Dr. Warren E. Burgess, And Neal Pronek.

This magnificent reference book is jam packed with over 1,300 pages filled with full color photos, illustrations and valuable reference facts that is a must have the for aquarium enthusiast and hobbyist.

Copywright 1986
ISBN 0-7938-0038-2
Packaged Weight 5 Lbs

Inside flap of dust jacket:
Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod undoubtedly the best known tropical fish expert in the world, author – educator – photographer – scientist – entrepreneur. Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod has written numerous books and hundreds of magazine articles about tropical aquarium fishes. Many of them unknown to science until Axelrod discovered them on ichthyological expeditions, he himself, led into the jungles. Honored many times by the scientific community for his contributions ichthyological areas, he has had a number of fish and even a plant species named after him, including the cardinal tetra, Paracheirodon Axelrodi, one of the most popular of all aquarium fishes. He has been the recipient of the Smithson silver medal from the Smithsonian Institution for his ichthyological and charitable endeavors and has been elected an Endowment Member of the American Museum of Natural History; in 1978 he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Science degree by the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Undertaken with the help of the distinguished contributors, the Encyclopedia of Freshwater Tropical Fishes, expanded edition is one of Dr. Axelrod’s most ambitious aquarium book projects – a book that presents information and photos covering the entire range of both common and rare aquarium species, reporting on both their care in captivity, and, wherever possible, their reproductive behavior.
This book is huge and because of it’s size and content, it is difficult to describe everything in the book. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help you with your question.