Aquarium Tank Jebo Automatic Heaters 50 Watts 20 GAL

A warm water aquarium such as tropical fresh water and saltwater aquarium requires a good quality aquarium heater. Our JEBO aquarium heaters will keep your aquarium at constant temperature.This aquarium heaters is submersible. Aquarium heater is a must have for tropical fishes and corals. Temperature fluctuations cause stress in your corals and fish, and the fluctuations often go unnoticed by the aquarist. A good quality heater is a requirement in keeping Happy Fish, Healthy Aquarium! A minimum of 3-5 Watts per gallon is recommended for keeping your aquarium at optimal temperatures. Aquarists with larger tanks should use more than one heater. The use of multiple heaters offers the advantage of maintaining heating capacity in the unlikely event that your heater has a problem.


Safe and reliable in both fresh and salt water aquariums!
Fully Submersible!
Adjustable and high visibility temperature setting!
Easy to read temperature indicator!
High impact safety glass!
Automatic Shuts Off
Waterproof insulation design!
Anti-overwind adjustable knob!
Compact design! Length: 12.6 inches
50 Watt, for up to 20 Gallon tank