6 Trap Door Snails For Aquarium And Pond Cleaning

Why Trapdoor Snails in Ponds? 
All the pond books recommend these belly foots (gastropods) for ponds. Trapdoors make excellent algae eaters.These snails are captive bread and are guaranteed to be alive upon arrival or money back. They are great for both aquariums and ponds.

We know snails in ponds (and aquaria) help remove excess foods and any undetected dead stuff they can reach. Snails will eat stuff nothing else will touch — like moldy old fish food.  Maybe not the best diet for them, but they help prevent the overfeeding syndrome so common with new aquarists/pond keepers.The biggest difference between these guys and mysteries and apples is their lack of a lung.  They never run up a snorkel to suck O2 from the air.  These means they do not drown when ice covers their water — a recurring problem in our neck of the corn belt buckle.  Better yet, since they suck no air, cool weather won’t kill them.They are breed-able and it is easy to distinguish sexes.

Original Origin: Japan
Origin Now: Fish farms
Temperature: Immaterial
Attitude: Eats day and night
Security: Carries it on back plus the trapdoor
Foods: Any organic substance in reach
Water: Prefers hard water pH immaterial.
Brood Size: Varies
Breeding: Babies born live