This price will not last for to long, price change will increase around December 1st, 2009. Thank You Buy them while they are CheapWe have been selling and manufacturing these chillers for over 7 years. This is a seriously and extremely carefully built chiller to effeciently and safely chill the water of marine fish and reef tanks, also works great for fresh water aquariums!Professionally built in the U.S.A.Chiller has a one year warranty! But will be the last chiller you ever buy.

Built to quickly and efficiently chill marine coral reef tanks. Originally built for aquaculture this chiller will bring down the temperature in any tank fast and maintain the temperature easier than any other chiller of its size.

The design is different from that of typical mass produced ½ HP chillers that use a minimal amount of coils that are just barely enough to operate properly. This chiller has more than enough coils to make the heat exchange fast and efficient.

Why pay 3 or 4 times as much for a chiller when this one sells for less than a ¼ HP model that will run and run using more power and taking considerably longer to cool down your tank?

This heavy duty unit will outlast your tank!

1/2 hp chiller
110v and only draws 4.8 amps at full load
Flow thru tube in shell heat exchanger
1”  water supply in/out
Oversized heat exchanger for maximum heat transfer
Protective epoxy black coat on housing
Size 17x12x11

The Heat Exchanger is made of 6061T6 with PVC shell
This chiller is specifically made for salt water reef tanks
No copper touches the Salt Water
Min Flow rate is 500 GPH the MAX is 4500 GPHUp to 400 Gallon Fish Tank