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I saw this at a fair earlier at a fair and thought it was just an expensive over-powered blender, but quickly changed my mind when I saw what it could do and was able to taste the difference. So I picked one up and it’s not just a regular blender that I originally thought. The one I got was the Vita-Mix 5200 and it came with most everything I needed. So far I’ve used it to make smoothies, juices and to chop up stuff.

Anyways, I got an email that they are giving new customers a free 30 day trial to it so if you’re interested, give it a try. I found a coupon code 06-003621 that’ll save you another $25 by giving you free shipping.

The Vita-Mix 5200 makes whole food juice, cooks steaming hot soup from scratch, and even makes healthy, homemade ice cream! Everything is done in just MINUTES with NO ATTACHMENTS! This amazing machine performs over 50 different culinary jobs with ease—and can easily replace 10 kitchen appliances. No matter who you are, you can look better, feel better and have a lot more time to enjoy life!

Some features of the Vita-Mix:
1. Save time in the kitchen – make meals in minutes, quick clean-up – 35 kitchen tasks!. 4 unique processes w/o attachments!
2. Save money on groceries -use the “whole” fruit or vegetable and less waste.
3. More nutritious meals -Vita-Mix processing releases hidden nutrition.

Here’s a video to learn more about it…

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