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ShamWow is one of those products I see everytime I go to the fair. I’m always tempted to buy one after seeing one of their demostrations (See the video below). The main reason I would get one would be to eliminate the half-dozen towels I have around my aquarium. I’m always dripping water everywhere when I clean my fish tank and one of these should be more than enough.

If you order the ShamWows, you’ll get 2 big ones and 2 smaller ones. And just like the fair, they’ll give you another set for free….which means 8 ShamWows! (4 big ones, 4 smaller ones).

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ShamWows are made in Germany from a revolutionary fabric that can absorb over 20 times its weight in liquids. Use them to clean up spills fast and they won’t scratch any surface. You can even use them as a towel or on your pets. They are machine washable and bleachable. Use them over and over; they will last for years! And they are so durable, they guarantee your ShamWows for 10 years.

ShamWows are perfect for your car, boat and many household uses.

Features of the ShamWow
* Holds over 20 times its weight in liquid!
* Machine Washable and Bleachable!
* Will Not Scratch or Damage Surfaces!
* Lasts for Years and Comes With a 10 Year Warranty!
* Makes a Great Towel and is Safe for Pets!
* Cleans Up Spills Fast!

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