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Tiger Botia Loach »

The Tiger Botia Loach is a bottom-dweller that originates from the streams and rivers of Asia. The body of this Botia Loach is silver in coloration with a brown or green tone. Like other Botia loaches, this loach can be identified by the four pairs of... [Read more]

Mickey Mouse Platy »

The Mickey Mouse Platy is also known as the Moonfish or the Southern Platyfish, and is a hybrid color variation of Xiphophorus maculatus platy. The Mickey Mouse Platy is so named because of the black mark at the base of the body, reaching into the tail... [Read more]

Black Shark »

The Black Shark, also called the Black Labeo, is uniformly black or dark brown in color. In some countries it is an important food source. The Black Shark is a very active, somewhat aggressive fish that is not suitable for the community aquarium. A large... [Read more]

Neon Blue Discus »

The Neon Blue Discus, also known as the Cobalt Blue Discus, is a brilliant sky blue. The overall coloration of Discus will vary depending on mood and overall health of the fish. The Discus has surpassed the Angelfish as the most popular freshwater aquarium... [Read more]

White Blushing Angel »

The White Blushing Angel is a strain of angelfish that is white in color. Some may have gold markings on the head. The young specimens will have a red hue beneath the eyes that fades with age. It prefers a well-planted tank of at least 30 gallons with... [Read more]

Sidthimunki Botia Loach »

The Sidthimunki Botia Loach is a bottom-dweller that originated from the streams in India. Currently due to the low numbers in the wild, they are being farm-raised in Malaysia. The body of this Botia Loach is silver to tan in coloration and, like other... [Read more]

Horseface Loach »

The Horseface Loach originates from the rivers, streams and backwaters of Singapore. Like many of the loaches, they have an elongated, thin body that is well suited for burrowing into the substrate. The head and nose of this species is also elongated... [Read more]

Hi Fin Platy »

The Hi Fin Platy, also known as the Moonfish or the Southern Platyfish, is a hybrid fin variation of Xiphophorus maculatus platy. Hi Fin Platies were named because of the very tall dorsal fin that extends over their back. There are many different colors... [Read more]

Dragonface Pipefish »

The Dragonface Pipefish, also known as the Dragon Pipefish, Messmate Pipefish, or Reeftop Pipefish, is a long sleek fish with a body shape similar to that of an eel. It is... [Read more]

Flame Cardinal »

The Flame Cardinal, also known as the Flamefish, is fiery red with light accents of blue and green. A 30 gallon or larger aquarium with caves and peaceful tank mates is a... [Read more]

Blue Sapphire Damselfish »

The Blue Sapphire Damselfish originates within the Solomon Islands, and is a brilliant blue coloration with black outlined fins. This species can quickly turn completely black... [Read more]

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Amazon Sword Plant »

The Amazon Sword Plant, Echinodorus amazonicus, is a Rosette plant that is very popular with aquarium hobbyists. They are capable of reaching approximately 20 inches in height... [Read more]

Anacharis »

The Anacharis, also known as the Brazilian Waterweed, is an ideal aquatic plant for beginners. Beautiful light to bright green leaves, with branching stems covered in bunches... [Read more]

Anubias barteri »

Anubias barteri round leaf, also known as Anubius round leaf or Anubias barteri, is a hardy plant that has lush green arrow shaped foliage. This rosette plant may reach up... [Read more]


Zebra Turbo Snail

The Zebra Striped Turbo Snail is a beautiful algae removing powerhouse. Like other members of the Turbinidae family, the Zebra Striped Turbo Snail has... [Read more]

Yellow Sea Cucumber

The Yellow Sea Cucumber which originates from the Indian Ocean is very striking in appearance. They are bright yellow in coloration and have an elongated... [Read more]

White Spot Anemone Shrimp

The Glass Anemone Shrimp, also known as the White-patched Anemone Shrimp, or Pacific Clown Anemone Shrimp, was first described in 1902. While it is sometimes... [Read more]

Tuxedo Urchin

The Tuxedo Pincushion Urchin, also known as the Sphere Urchin or Globe Urchin, has five to ten broad-colored bands usually blue or black, with red, brown,... [Read more]

Turbo Snail

The Turbo Snail is extremely popular among reef hobbyists, since it quickly eliminates large amounts of nuisance algae. It is particularly fond of hair... [Read more]

Turban Snail

The Turban Snail is a powerhouse that helps keep live rock and aquarium glass free of algae. This peaceful snail boasts an interesting shell and is a smart... [Read more]

Top Crown Snail

The Top Crown Snail is a great tank cleaner for larger saltwater reef aquariums. Compared to its Caribbean counterparts, this snail hailing from the Eastern... [Read more]

Tiger Tail Sea Cucumber

The Tiger Tail Sea Cucumber is one of nature's more exotic detritus eaters. With its brown body spotted with white and dressed in numerous spiny papillae,... [Read more]