Worried about a tank cracking....


New Fish
Jun 2, 2017
I want to get a new 10 gallon tank but I'm so paranoid about tanks cracking, even ones that don't weigh to much like a 10 gallon. I was hoping to put the tank on a stand in my bedroom which has hardwood floors, on the second floor of my house ( I have a basement, a main floor and a floor above that which my bedroom is on ). I'm afraid that I might go out to school and come home with a leaking tank and almost 10 gallons of water sitting on my floors. Does anyone think a 10 gallon would crack or leak? and what are the chances that it could happen and how could I prevent it?


Small Fish
Jun 19, 2017
The chances of this happening are so small! the only reason a tank would break is if it was somehow damaged. If you wanted to you could reseal the outside if you are really worried about it