Will a Dwarf Frog eat my fish?

Feb 18, 2011
I was considering getting an African Dwarf Frog. Not the clawed variety - just a regular ADF. Anyway, I've heard varying info on if they can be housed with fish or not. Some people say they will eat any fish that fits in their mouths - and others say they are too slow to catch most fish?

My smallest fish right now are male guppies. Not babies by any means. I have albino Cory Cats - but I'm pretty sure they are too big for an ADF to eat. The ADF I saw at the store today was a baby.

Failing that, I thought about setting up my ten gallon tank to house one male betta and one ADF. Would that be better?

May 4, 2011
ADF are clawed frogs, they are African Dwarf Clawed Frogs. The difference is clawed frogs have claws and webbing on their front feet as well, get much larger, more aggressive and WILL eat fish. An ADF will definitely eat guppy fry and try to eat anything that fits in it's mouth but they have very poor eyesight relying more on smell and feel. They are toothless and tongue-less so they have to be able to swallow their food, worms are good. They don't really get big enough to eat any fish that I know of, they will sometimes fight each other but never anything serious. They are peaceful and suitable for any community aquarium, can be housed with betta but may grab onto it's tail thinking it is a worm it won't hurt either animal but it may scare them a bit. There is a very indepth ADF guide on the "Other aquatics" forum, check there for more information.