Wild Snakehead And Fry


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Aug 30, 2008
Hi All,

There's a beck/stream that runs down the side of our home, most of the year it's dry, it's a runoff for when the village lake floods, but after the floods and the water subsides theres usually small pools left, which eventually dry up. I managed to capture a few photos of a snakehead and it's frys...

You can see the Snakehead below the white bag and it's fry above the white bag..there where hundreds of them, a beautiful red/orange in colour.

Here the Snakehead is to the left of the bag with the fry to the left of the Snakehead.

Where ever the fry went the Snakehead was not far behind, if any other fish came near the Snakehead would chase them away...here the Snakehead is surrounded by it's fry.

Here the Snakehead is to the left of the bag once again and it's fry above it.

I asked Wan what would happen to the Snakehead once the pool dried up and she reckons it's digs an hole in the mud and burys itself until the next floods come...this year though we had more rain just before the pool dried up and the beck/stream filled up again and I never seen the snakehead and fry again...so I imagine the snakehead and its fry ended up further down stream in a bigger pond somewhere.

jeff & Wan


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Apr 30, 2006
KILL IT AND KILL ALL U SEE!!!!!!!!!!! Those fish are destroying our waters. they will attack nearly anything that moves and will eat and eat and eat. they should be exterminated whenever seen.