What should I get for my 2 gallon tank?


New Fish
Jul 25, 2017
Hi! I'm new to this so please excuse the anything wrong.

Okay, so I have a 2 gallon tank that had a betta (Barney) who recently passed away. It was really sad because this was my first real fish(besides for the ones you win at the carnival and stuff), but I also have an African dwarf frog named Frogo. I was looking for something I can put in a separate 2 gallon tank that's not a fish, like for example an ADF. I was thing of a shrimp or snail, but I don't know what yet. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks for any help in advance

Nov 11, 2017
Hello! I realize this has been posted quite a while ago, but if you're still looking for something to put in a 2 gallon, I would recommend either shrimp or snails. 2 gallons is just too small for any fish... even a betta. The bare minimum for a betta would be 2.5 gallons, but I'd recommend 3. Shrimp and snails can live in very small tanks however, as they don't really need 'swimming room'. Also shrimp and snails are very fun pets with a surprising amount of personality, and are generally easy to take care of! (Just do a little research beforehand) Hope I helped!