Vertical Betta... Please help!

Jul 23, 2003
Flint, MI
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An Update

Well I received my new Spongebob tank on Monday the 28th. I set it up with everything that came with it, and also included my three small plastic plants from my old bowl. I filled it with water, treated the water, and let it sit with the pump aerating the water for a full two days.

Then I went to Petsmart and bought Cornelius, a medium-sized blue, green, red and purple Betta with large fins. I left him in his cup and just floated it in the water so that the water he was in would gradually become the same temperature as the tank water, and then I transferred him to the tank.

So far he seems to be doing well and enjoying his new home. I have him trained to swim to the top of the tank to get his food (I do this will all of my Bettas by tapping twice lightly on the glass before feeding them... Eventually they will learn to automatically swim to the top when you tap the glass!), and sometimes he likes to hang out behind or under Spongebob, but mostly he just swims around or watches the bubbles from the aerator.

My only concern now though is that this tank still does not have a filter. The description said "bubble-wall aeration and filter system", but really all it does is supply air that forms four constant streams of bubbles against the back of the tank. Is this sufficient for one Betta or will I need a full filter system? Also, what would you recommend for water changes? The directions that came with the aquarium suggest a 25% change every two weeks. Will this work or should I change more water more often?

Thanks for all the help! :)


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Oct 22, 2002
Racine, WI
if theres no filter i would change 25 percent twice a week

i think there are small sponge or internal filters that would work great for a tank that size ive never used one so i'm not sure...but you might want to look into that

congrats on the new fishy!!!


;) just a might want to start a new thread for this new'll probably get more replys that way

some people may not be looking at this thread twice cuz theyve already read/responded to it or just because its old...just an idea:D


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Jun 19, 2017
He is in what is probably a 3/4 gallon bowl.
I do not have a filter
I do not know the temperature, but it should be relatively constant. I keep him inside away from A/C vents and windows, and the temperature inside of my house is a steady 74 degrees.
Physically he looks alright. There are no spots or lumps but his color is not as bright as usual and a small part of the back of his tail fin seems to be transparent.
He has been in this tank for about 6 months.
I don't know what my ammonia/nitrite/nitrate levels are.
I have not tried anything besides his normal food
Up until today he was in his water for about 10 days without a change. I just changed it today to see if that would help anything though.
I add Marineland Labs Bio-Coat and Bio-Safe to the water when I change it... 5 drops of each because I put in 1/2 gallon of water.

Sorry I can't give you ammonia/nitrite/nitrate or temperature information... I don't have the equipment for that.:eek:
Sounds to me that that guy needs a water change and a bigger house if possible