Unexpected angelfish wrigglers and a few free swimmers.


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Apr 8, 2016
Hi and thank you in advance,
Im in desperate need of advice and guidance please. Two of my angelfish have successfully layed eggs and reared to wriggler stage with a few free swimmers. I noticed this last night as parents placed them on the filter, which was not ready for fry and some were lost prior to me noticing and switching off. I removed the parents as they were fighting with each other and viciously attacking my peppermint catfish. OK so my question/query is the bottom of the tank is really dirty, I did 10% water change last night but took water from the top out of fear of sucking up the babies. Any advice of what I should do for cleaning and what I need to do to care for the babies... Oh my I so wasn't ready for this :(


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Jul 19, 2004
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Congrats! Mine spawned once (also on the filter pipe) and then not again for whatever reason.

You might do better to let the angels stay in there and more or less ignore this first batch - usually they become better parents after a few batches as they figure stuff out. Once they start spawning they *should* do so pretty regularly. Angels will, as you discovered, go after any fish within their territory when they are parents - often this is most or all of the tank, except in large tanks. How big is the tank they're in? Either you can let the parents raise the fry, or remove them to a nursery tank and raise them yourself (more labor intensive). If they lay on the filter intake, you can remove that tube itself with eggs attached into a nursery tank, or put a piece of slate right against it and hopefully they'll swap over to the slate next time. Or maybe set the angels up in a separate breeding tank (a 20H or 29g will work) if you want them to actually parent for you w/o the other fish being in their path of destruction.

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