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Jun 17, 2004
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today i bought some frozen bloodworms from my lfs as a treat for my fishes. well they come in mini cubes which you drop in and as the cube thaws, it slowly releases the bloodworms.

my problem is that as it thaws, a lot of the bloodworms drop on the plants and a lot too are simply missed by the fish and hence lie on the gravel bottom uneaten.

should i worry about the uneaten bloodworms? should i "vacuum" the leftwovers? or should i simply leave them for the fish?


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Aug 26, 2003
Southern California
Do you have bottom feeders like cories, snails, shrimp or catfish in there? Sometimes they take a little longer to get to the bloodworms. Otherwise, you should take out uneaten food. It would be better to cut the cube in half and add that to the tank, rather than having thawed food around, which can go bad fairly quickly.


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It's perfectly fine to thaw the food out as long as it will get divided up among the tanks fairly soon. Thawed food sitting in a water dish for half an hour is no different than thawed food sitting in the bottom of a tank for half an hour.

I don't put the cubes in frozen because I can only imagine how cold it is when the fish bite into them (tried it once, the female betta grabbed the whole cube and was swimming around with it in her mouth...had to have been pretty cold) and because, for me, my fish find it easier to eat when I can spread them out across the tank, otherwise the biggest fish get the whole cube.

Easy solution: Don't buy cubed bloodworms. Look for Hikari's brand. They're the best, IMO, and come in sheets so you can break off what you want.