Tiger B and Red Eyes


Large Fish
Apr 2, 2005
Sunny Ireland.
I'm going to answer the questions to your three (why did you make 3?) threads here.

1. Yes, Tigers do need a heater, like most tropical fish they like the water about 24-26C. So unless you live in a very hot area I would get one.

2. Tigers have a green tint to there black bars naturally, hence the Moss tiger barb. It may have been that they flushed a darker shade when feeding and thats when you saw it.

3. As someone said in your other thread 2 Tiger barbs is not nearly enough, they need a group of 6 or more to be fully happy. I added a group of 4 to my tank about 3 weeks ago and when I put on the lights fish they would go mad and blanch whitish. They have since settled and are now fine. Getting4 more tomorrow!!:D