Thinking about getting a canister filter


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Oct 26, 2012
Cincinnati, OH
I am really up in the air on a filter. My Penguin Bio Wheels are too nosiy for my bedroom (waterfall noise) even with the tank level and filled up. I was told go to an Emperor but I am seriously considering a canister. I looked at the Eheim Classic, JBJ Reaction, and the Rena API Filstar XP. I like the ease of set up on the XP. My biggest fear is leaking. I have heard so many issues of leaking but also tons of good feedback as well. I know many times user error can be to blame. What do you guys think?


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I have two of the Filstars and dont have any leaks. I have however broke a clip because I didnt have the three baskets aligned just right and tried to force it. Another thing is that the canisters can sometimes make a lot of nitrates. I prefer the Emperor's, I have two of those and the ease of cleaning them is WAY easier then the Filstars. The Filstars perform just perfect and I dont have any issue with them.