Texas Cichlid


Medium Fish
Jun 28, 2005
St. Pete, FL
Just wanted to share my new texas cichlid experience so far.

My plan for my 90g tank has always been to have three big cichlids, two or three medium ones, and a few dither fish. I had my 10" JD and a 3" GT that I'm hoping will be the 2nd of the large 3. So I'm walking though the LFS and I see texas cichlids for 6.99, all of them around 4 - 5". From the somewhat limited knowledge I have of these fish, I knew this could be compatible with the other fish I have, so i bought the biggest one they had (5") hoping to make this the 3rd of my big 3 cichlids. I really like the coloring and personality of this fish. My JD is very shy and only comes out once in awhile. This Texas is always front and center for food and attention. Since I've had him, he's grown to 7-8" (only had him about a month). My only issue with this fish is that he tolerates everyone ok till it comes time to eat. Very aggressive when food is in the water. Lashes out at my smaller cichlids and has caused some minor flesh wounds to the flanks of the smaller fish. I'm a little worried about this, I'm hoping the other fish will grow up a little so maybe they can better defend themselves. Anyway, just wanted to share a little, TEXAS CICHLID - cool fish, personable, I see a tendency for extreme aggressiveness though. Hope he doesn't get crazy and kill everyone but the JD.


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