stocking a brackish tank!!


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I also add heated canned peas sometimes heated canned carrots or both with my raw shrimp or sometimes beef heart into my blender and mix in two packets of gelatin. Once blended I pour them into a couple of flat/shallow plastic containers with lids and put in the fridge and wait about three hours for the gelatin to set. This lasts about two weeks and I freeze one container until I need it.
Just last night I used a can each of peas, carrots, and about 3/4 pound of shrimp. I heated the veggies in the microwave for a few minutes while I peeled the shrimp. When done heating and peeling I added this to my blender and blended until smooth then I added the 2 small envelopes of gelatin (comes 4 to a box) and blended for a couple more minutes. I fed this batch to my fish this morning and I think they liked this mix the best of what I have ever made.


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+1 KcMopar

For my meat eaters, I mix up several 'meats' in a small food processor (raw: fish, liver, shrimp, earthworms, meal worms, etc.) and then use an ice cube tray that makes small cubes to freeze individual portions. Once they are frozen solid, I transfer the 'meat cubes' into a plastic freezer bag (Ziplocktype). At feeding time, I just plop a cube or two into a small amount of water to thaw it and then watch the feeding frenzy!

BTW - The small food processor and ice cube trays are not used for anything else! EWWW~~~!!!
I just started a home made food thread: . It would be great if you could post some of your Home made food recipes there.
I add the veggies so my meat eaters get some good nutrition and this recipe lets me feed all my fish, FW and SW alike so it makes feeding universal and my corals even eat too.
Thanks, Kerry