sexing dwarf gouramis


Large Fish
Oct 22, 2002
can someone tell me how to do that?
mine is a pair of flame dwarf gouramis.....
just want to make sure that no more dead neons tetras in my tank :-[

Oct 22, 2002
I know this is an old post, so you've probably moved on by now, but I'm going to reply to it anyway :)

I just got a pair of dwarf gouramis yesterday.. the female is way less colorful than the male; she has markings but they're very faint; she's essentially brown.  The first store we went to, we asked about sexing & the guy working there said, "they're all male, consider them sexed."

So we called around and found a store w/ females.. and when we saw them it was obvious.  I'd think both of those pics are of males...

(yay for new fish!  The female seems to have adjusted well, but the male still hasn't calmed down yet, he's *really* jumpy.. I guess that's what we get for asking for the liveliest ones, heh)