Regulars? Where the heck are you!


Superstar Fish
Apr 30, 2006
well it's an old job. I was bout ready to try to get a job flipping burgers. I was getting desperate. so i got ahold of my old boss at the Iowa 80 truck stop. Really didn't want to go back there but it's a job. and my boss did need someone. he gave me a lead position. not making most the other employees happy. they see me as the new guy even though i got 3 years more experience then they all do. all the guys under me have only been there for 2 months or less and have been poorly trained. I've implimented a new training plan for these guys to get them up to where I want them to be. big order for a guy thats 63 years old and stuck in his ways, an alcoholic, and punk ass teenagers but i'm getting them there. I just hope i'm only there till spring. lol

Feb 27, 2009
Still here, been speaking with mod in PM, before the forum changed. :)

How is everyone?

I need fauna ideas for a 40 gallon breeder. So far, other than a few snails, its just Crypts and Anubias. Thickly planted too. The bronze crypts have taken over! My neighbor said it looks 'rusty' on one side (the bronze vs. green on that side)!