red-tailed catfish, ALSO not for the home aquarium

Wow, I think you posted one about a pacu, i checked out the link and on the other thread some guy had a link to his step by step of a massive DIY tank. He had either two pacus or to oscars in it and one of those RTC. I thought wow thats a cool fish, id never of gone out and just get one without asking around and researching but man! I geuss the research is haulted indefinetly! That is huge!

Why arent fish like these and others not banned from the lfs. Would it not be considered cruelty to animals having over sized fish in a little aquarium? You can get in awhole lot of trouble for having large amounts of cats in a house if the conditions arent suitable. Wouldnt this be the same situation?!?


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Sep 2, 2004
Shelby, NC
Lately I've seen two of these guys in 220 gallon tanks at two different LFS'. They make the 220s look like ten gallons and the fish isn't even half its wild adult size.

Seriously, unless you have this dude's tank, or live in south Florida and have a 10 K + pond, these guys are just too big for the house.

A sorta similar catfish is the raphael cat and tops out at around 7-8 inches.


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Feb 16, 2006
Yeah, I LOVE catfish and the redtails are my fav., if I could get one in my 220gal, I would, but it's just not an option... I'd love to setup a pond system for one of these bad boys, but I don't have the money to heat a huge pond... even my 4500gal pond system just woulden't be enough if it were heated.