Red Belly Piranhas


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Feb 29, 2008
central Michigan USA
I hope you manage to get your tank and keep your fish Mason. I had a friend that had a single piranha in a 55gal tank and what a fish it was. It was only 8" but what a treat is was to watch it feed. I know my friend didn't know the best ways to keep a fish but he would keep the temp in low 70's till he fed it and then he would turn up the temp to 76 to 78. I think he believed that it fed more aggressively at a warmer temp. But one day I got to watch him throw a hand size bluegill from the lake in the tank and man oh man did that piranha eat that fish alive. It started at the tail and didn't stop munching till it reached the head. After that my friend had to scoop out what was left of the bluegill but what a awesome site. I know I would'nt ever stick my hand in that tank when I was hungry. :) I wish you well with your adventure.

PS you want a lid for what ever tank you get. Another friend said they would jump out of the water at her.

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Aug 10, 2006
MissFishy to the need to do some reading up ASAP for those fish! First of all, you need to read through everything on my webpage linked below. Especially focus on cycling and stocking a tank. Your tank is very overstocked. Another reason they aren't swimming is because they have no cover/plants in the tank. Piranha aren't generally considered extremely active fish either. I would highly suggest you return all the fish to the fish store and ask for store credit. Do some reading up and start your tank over again with proper stocking and cycling.


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Aug 20, 2005
When you get a 100 gal tank (if not bigger) you will want to get a couple of braces under the floor where the tank will be. ABSOLUTLY if you plan to place it next to an interior wall, not so bad if next to an exterior wall as the foundation will help a great deal for handeling the weight and we are talking about a lot of weight here. Try to put the tank in a low traffic area as this will help cut down on fright responses. (might bust the tank) Adding some type of cover for them helps to prevent this as well. They will be much more comfortable if they have a place to hide. I would recomend a shelf as mine ate the plastic plants. BTW i totally aggree with miss fishey about getting store credit while you get the tank established. Good luck and watch your fingers! Heh! Heh!