Read this before Asking about your Plants


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Dec 17, 2003
Alameda, Ca
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Well folks you have come to the right place if you have questions about your plants. However, we ask that you please include the following info about your setup so that we will be able to better assist you.

Lighting Info(ie. Watts, Type, Duration of Lighting)
Size of your Tank
Substrate Type
Filtration Setup
Fertilizer Dosing
Type of Carbon Fertilization(ie. Flourish Excel, DIY CO2, Pressurized CO2, etc.)
Amount and type of fish
Type of Plants
And anyother info you might feel is relevant.



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Nov 16, 2009
Mumbai India
Is CO2 fertilization in form on liquid drops good ? I got 30 gallon tank and right now I have some sword/melon amazonia's ( want to add anacharis too). Do not want to use Equipments/diffusers , i have enough gadgets added to the tank already (2 filters 2 CFC bulbs )


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Feb 22, 2008
As long as there isnt much water surface agitation, then yes liquid CO2 in the form of Excel or something like that will work well.
??? I don't see how surface agitation would interfere with Excel. It's carbon source, but not CO2. They're different things. Surface agitation messes with CO2 because it's a gas, it shouldn't interfere with Excel, which is different source of carbon.

Excel will work just fine with plants. Keep in mind, some plants don't require much carbon to grow at a steady pace, and there are others that are sensitive to excel, such as anacharis, and will melt. Your swords won't need very much to grow, and in fact, with ferts and carbon they'll outgrow your tank quickly. I think they can do just fine without it. You'd be wasting money if you didn't have a strong enough light source for your plants to benefit from it.


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Apr 12, 2010
Lexington, N.C.
Lighting Info-- 10 watt florecent
Size of your Tank 20g high
Substrate Type flurite
Filtration Setup 20-30g whisper power filter
Fertilizer Dosing flurite
Type of Carbon Fertilization-- wanting to add DIY
Amount and type of fish-- Angel fish and betta
Type of Plants--dwarf hairgtrass and amazon sword

I am wanting to add a DIY filter and new lights. I am wondering if these 20 watt colormax would be best for my plants :Coralife 20W Mini Compact Fluorescent - Colormax

I am then going to add a DIY CO2 to my setup. Would it be a smart idea or just stay with these new lights because my dwarf hairgrass and amazons arent doing well.....they are brown and not growing and there arent many runnes with the dwarf hairgrass.

Nov 21, 2015
I can't keep plants alive. I had a 3 gallon tank with enubias and fluorescent light, but the plants kept dying. now have a 10 gallon, fluorite and medium size gravel, led lights for 10 hrs: 2 white and 1color max, a quiet flow 10 filter,5 platy fish and 3 baby snails. the water is 74°, I put in a anubia, 2 others . I stumpt the owner of a local store as to why they keep dying.