Rate My tank - Please Read Before Posting!


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May 16, 2003
Welcome to the Rate My tank Section of MFT!!

As the title of the forum implies...this is a place to post a thread about your tank. Share your hard work and ideas with other members. Get some input on what you can do to improve your tank.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Please be aware that the information you put in the post is the only information that someone reading it has. Readers would like to know as many specifics about the tank as you'd like to tell us about! Please try to include some details about your tank, why did you use those decorations, those plants, those fish etc...how long has it been set up? What are your future plans for the tank?

In the subject of your thread, please let us know what size the tank is as well as if you have a specific type of tank. Examples: non-planted community, planted community, Specific color/style, Species tank...etc etc

You might even choose your thread to post a poll?

Above all, please remember that this is a forum where personal opinions come into play. Please be prepared to accept both positive and negative feedback...

Reviewers are reminded that everyone works hard on their tanks...they're asking for your CONSTRUCTIVE criticism as well as what you really like about their setup. Personal attacks are NOT welcome. If you're having trouble deciding what to post about a tank...maybe try posting something you really like about the tank, and then something that if it was your tank you would change or move?

Happy Rating!