Rate My Tank! is back!


The Big Fish
The Big Fish
Oct 22, 2002
Sunny Southern California
Hi Everybody!

I figured we might try this format for awhile and see how it works. i also activated the attachment option for those who do not have a place to store their pictures..you can now upload them here. please don't abuse the attachment option. =)

i'll go ahead and post a picture of my old tank as an example.

basically this is the requirements...

1. Subject: Arcab4's 29 Gallon Planted Tank
- make sure the subject gives everyone else a good idea of what they are about to see. it's also easier for people who are browsing to find a tank in the size they are interested in.

2. A picture is neccessary. and a good description of your tank.

3. basically just add as much info as you can so people can enjoy your tank!

let's see how this goes!


Oct 22, 2002
Johnny, if the goal is to rate tanks, then wouldn't it be great if there was a mandatory poll assigned to each thread in this forum?
A rating poll of course...
I dunno, just a though..I mean I know its optional, but it seems few people on here use it
but I think its one of the best ways of providing honest feedback quickly and anonymously


Large Fish
Feb 3, 2004
Well then, if what Leopardess is saying holds any truth, the name of the forum should be changed then to "Show your tank" or something....instead of reference to a "rating", as in Rate My Tank (when I hear that word I think of a score).