Rate my newly established planted tank video.


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Dec 17, 2011
What's in my tank

It's a 45 high
For fish
11 rummynose tetra tank raised
1 blue paradise
1pearl gaurami
3 red swords
3 yoyo loach
1 rainbow shark
2 lf mollies (dalmation and bright orange)
2 stardust mollies

Substrate is stone gravel over black sand with t5 lighting

Plants are a ?
I know I have rotala indica and lemon bocopa
The other 7 species I'm not sure but if anyone does I'd love to know some areDef doing better than others


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Oct 20, 2006
Wellsville, KS
plants always benefit from co2. pointless to have high light and no co2, cant say exactly why, brains turned to mush with the current meds.

and i suck at IDing plants! so im not much help there
get a couple otos for algae clean up, and ask the store if they wanna throw you some snails. i know some people hate them, but i think their the best cleanup crew (and free is always nice!) out there, and if you get overpopulated you know its cause your overfeeding and you can just go smash them and fish will clean them up, or a population may not be able to keep due to the yoyo loaches