pregnant clown fish?!?

Jan 13, 2015
Can't seem to find anything online to answer my questions so I wonder if anyone on here can offer me an opinion. I recently added some fish to my salt water aquarium. 2 large clown fish, 1 small clownfish and a few others. Within a week I noticed one of the large clown fish was sick. He died a couple days later and then I noticed the other large one was cloudy in his eyes. Purchased some meds from big als and it seems to be clearing up nicely. However today I noticed my small clown really looks pregnant or something. The belly is so fat it looks like its going to burst! And the opening under the belly is very visible and looks like it may have the white tube ( I read about) starting to come out of it like its about to lay eggs. Its been spending a lot of time in the anenome while the bigger one swims right above it. They sleep together in the anemone at night. So my question you think its possible that the smaller clown fish may be female? Or have become female because the other one was sick? What's going to happen if she lays eggs, will the other fish fertilize them? Will she still lay eggs if both clownfish are female? I'm really confused on the whole clown fish changing gender thing. Of the 2 large omesci had the one that survived seemed more dominant, pushing the other around a lot, stopping it from eating etc. So I thought I had a female and hoped the smaller was male. Now I have no clue what's going on. Feel free to ask any questions that will help with an answer. Could it just be getting fat from over feeding?