possible tankmates


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Mar 10, 2003
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I have set up a new tank for a Betta.
I thought it was a 35L but person I got it from said it's 25L.

I'm happy to have a single male Betta, but wondered if another species could live happily in there.

I was considering a small plec [based n a colleague saying it would be fine, though I thought it might be cruel to keep a plec in such a small tank]

other suggestions have been neon tetras [I thought they could be a bit fin nippy which is a no no]

would love your input.


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Jan 11, 2013
East Aurora, NY
You're kind of limited at ~7gal. You could do a group of 7 or so neons or other cool little fish like celestial pearl danios. I do like the idea of a male betta, but another neat idea would be a sorority of female bettas. Thing is, you'd only be able to do 2, maybe 3 max because of the small tank size.