New over the top aquirium

Jun 16, 2017
Im not exactly new to fish but I recently acquired a 75 gal fish tank.that is way above my pay grade so to speak. This fish tank comes with 2 110 clear water filters, a filstar canister filter, a Hydro jet and a gravel filter and LED light with night and day lights.

So my question is With a semi aggressive tank, how many fish can I keep in here, can I do plans, what kind of fish could I have with this set up. I am used to just having a small tank with a simple top filter. I had mostly tropical fish i.e mollies. Not exactly sure what the capabilities are for this kind of tank and I am not finding the info I need to tell me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Small Fish
Jun 19, 2017
You can do plants, and I would say around 120 small fish (1inch and below) or 7ish larger fish. I don't know what kind of fish you want, but any extra preference info would help!