New armored bichir


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Oct 26, 2004
Pacific Northwest
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Just picked up an armored bichir. Didn't get too much info on it from the fish shop so have consequently been doing alot of surfing. There are only a couple of things that still remain a mystery, however:

1) How often do I feed the little bugger? (he's
only about 4.5 in. and after eating a couple of
chunks of beef heart, he's done for 2-3 days)

2) Can I overfeed him?

3) What type of terrain do they prefer? ie. rock cover,
driftwood, fine/rough sand etc.

Any help? Even opinions would be appreciated.


Large Fish
Jan 6, 2004
Garland, TX
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Your Armored Bichir is probably Polypterus delhezi.

I have a couple of them about the same size as yours. I feed them twice daily since this is the size/age when bichirs do most of their growing. is possible to overfeed them though, unless the uneaten food decays in the aquarium and messes up your water quality, you won't see the effects until you end up with a couple of obese bichirs (not kidding).

Here is a link to a profile I wrote on the Armored Bichir for another fish forum I also visit. I hope you'll find the information helpful.