Myers Albino Loach

Oct 18, 2006
Oceanside California
Nov 21, 2011
buying a loach

In general, with fresh water fish anyway, it is normally not possible for a pet store to buy one or two of a particular fish. There are certainly exceptions depending on their supplier but most fresh water fish are bought in quantity by stores, especially larger stores. They most commonly are buying directly from breeders and importers and are buying in quantities of anywhere from 25/species (rather unusual) to hundreds or a thousand.
Most smaller stores buy from distributors somewhere within less than a day's drive who may sell just a few of a given fish but most commonly even those local distributors have some minimum number....although as expensive as something like an albino myers loach would be that may be treated more like marine fish which typically are offered to the store individually.
The best route other than finding a supplier online would be to make friends with whoever actually orders the fish at a large pet store and quarantee that you will buy six or more fish (which is a good group for the loach's benefit). The largest stores a) have the widest array of sources. b) the budget to buy 50 or 100 of these if necessary and c) the ability to sell a good quantity of an higher end fish.
Just my experience from owning two moderate sized stores.
:) Mark