my tank

Feb 23, 2003
Naples Fl.
You are missing out on what I think makes SW tanks so interesting. I would remove the brick, bottle and shell and start gradually adding a good amount of live rock ASAP. The LR will help in getting your tank to stabilize. As far as polyps are concerned whatever ones that might have survived or hitchhiked on your LR should be O.K. if you have enough light.

I would not add any polyps until you have finished stocking your LR and have the lighting for them.

What kind of subtrate is that? Deep sand beds are all the rage now-a-days but many still use crushed coral.

How much light do you have on the current setup? 3 watts per gallon would be O.K. for a FOWLR (fish only with live rock), but you would need to double that for most corals.

Below is a great resource for SW.

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