My new 55 gallon saltwater

Here is my brand new set up 55 gallon tank. It's just started cycling, all its got in it right now is some live sand, filters are 2 300 gph powerfilters and a powerhead for water circulation. Not sure what im going to put in it, maybe some tangs and a few perculas, since this is my first SW tank, I'll post some more pics after I get some live rock and some fish. I know its nothing right now, but I know everybody likes to see updates! :)


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Oct 22, 2002
Corvallis, Or
You know, with that sized aquarium, you might want to consiter adding a couple more inches of live sand to bring you up to 3-4". It will emmensly help your filtration, and give any bottom dwelling fish a cozy place to lay. Tangs will not be suitable for this setup however. Even juvies need atleast a 75 galon aquarium, and should be moved up to a 125+ by the time they reach maturity. However, there are lots of other fish that would love this setup.

Ya I know, I took the pics 10 min after I added the salt and water and sand, The tank is clearing up now, if my salinity levels are ok tomorrow, I'll get some live rock from my LFS tomorrow, then when my tank has completed it cycling I'll add some fish :) My LFS only had like one 15lb of live sand left today so I grabbed it, they said theyll have some more in tomorrow, so I'll add some more :)

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This is what I have now, copied from my signature :
1 Domino Damsel
1 Cleaner Wrasse
1 Blue Green Chromis
1 Yellowtail Damsel
1 3 Stripe Damselfish
1 Blackmouth Bicolor Chromis

, but I will most likely lose my cleaner wrasse because my 3 spot domino damsel is biting chunks out of him, he is hiding in some rocks I put in there for him, but he has about 4 big chunks missing and you can see his backbone, so really all I can do is sit and wait, because I havent set up my hospital tank, I will propably get it going today....


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Oct 22, 2002
Damsels are very tough , but some are aggressive. Dominos are very bad, and get big and ugly too. It's hard to say 10 gallons per damsel or whetever, it all depends on the aquascaping, and the individual fish