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So, its been 6 months since the start of this post...time for some new pics.

Also as a little bit of a background....the fry i foolishly set free when they were way too small and they all got eaten except one. That fry is now a juvi and i believe is preggo, she is in pics #1. The adult has since had another drop at some point about 2 months ago and 1 survived...its another female and shes starting to mingle in the party. She is in pic #2. The adult is about to drop again.

Had a couple random deaths in the tank, water quality is good...nothing to get worked up about. Pretty much my original batch of fish i stared this tank are still alive just about 1 year into it.

Found a dead mickey mouse platy recently, scooped it out and flushed. Today i find a few very new beet red fry (pic #3) in the hiding spot i made....thinking mother died giving birth.

Anyways...heres some pics.