My 4ft Tank


Small Fish
Aug 18, 2010
hey all, thought since ive recently trimmed my plants and replanted a couple about the place i thought id show you some pictures, over the years this tank has had so many different creatures between me and my mate who owned it before, from guppies to oscars to turtles to crabs, currently its set up as a kinda mixed community tank i say mixed because ive got a couple of goldfish but mostly tropicals. I dont think im doing too bad since this is my first 'big' tank.

The water is checked by my LFS weekly just to keep on top of the water condition, has a fluval 204 external filter which seems to be more than enough to keep the water in top shape.

the tank is 4ft x 1ft x 1ft, not sure how many gallons that is?

you'll have to ignore the deco behind the tank, wanted to decorate before the fish tank was there but it just didnt happen... kinda hard with it in the way now lol.

got a few fantails in there, a yellow commet, a few neons (some of which are the size of guppies and are over 2 years old!), 2 platies, 3 cories an angel fish, a siamese fighter, a pleco (which i couldnt find to take pics of),and a few more, just taken some pics of the few i could get good uns of. some may say its over stocked but all the fish get on with eachother and the water conditions are always good.

ive had this platy for around a year now, and my mate had her for about 8 months before i did, shes one of the first fish i had for the tank and still going strong, had 2 of these cories at the same time along with an albino one:

^the most recent addition to the tank.. around 2 months ago... isnt he pretty! lol

and finally one of my 3 guppy fry i have left, Around 2 months ago i had about 6 guppies in the main tank but then when i brought a new one home from my LFS all my guppies and strangly my 2 swordtails all developed big white sores and died off, i was concerned but after they died no other fish developed any symptoms of this and nothings died since. these are the only 3 fry that have survived.

sorry if you think my pictures are bad but fish are really hard to take pictures of when you only have a nokia N8 to hand lol.