MY 2 week old Planted 240 Litre Fluval Roma 240.

Apr 1, 2006
South England UK
Hey guys, thought i'd post up some pics as im very happy with my new tank.
The Bristlenose pleco's tail you'll see hanging out of the wood is where he is fanning his newly laid eggs, literally the same day i put him in he's been fighting with all the females... they've all tried getting in there, i've seen torn fins and so on, and im guessing he let one in, all has calmed down now too...

The Kribensis that i catch in the last photo are also having babies and their colours are stunning.

The new Black substrate and Black Background bring out their colours, and they are more comfortable... Im soo glad i made those choices.

Hope you like it, All caves are handmade by me.

photo (16).jpg photo (17).jpg photo (18).jpg photo (19).jpg photo (20).jpg


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Jan 12, 2011
Nice. I think it was MdngtRain who was having a problem with a top heavy dragon bubbler. It's face (where the bubbles came out) was on the gravel and it looked like it had bubbles coming out of its butt. Butt Bubbler!! xD