Oct 22, 2002
Don't have a website? Now I am offering FREE fish websites on AOL Hometown with a chatroom, message forum, guestbook, tell a friend service, counter, and three empty pages to use for what ever you want! Just post what title you want and any grapics you want on there, ALL REQUESTS MUST BE FISH PAGES. Please select three of these custom fish cursors to apear on your site: Blue Betta, Female Betta, Vilot Betta, Paradice Fish, Goramie, Clown Loach, Albino Loach, Angelfish, Green Tiger Barb, Neon Tetra, Bumble Bee Goby, Black Nife Fish, Purple Angelfish, Shark, Goldfish, Koi, Or A Guppy. You May Also Select Not To Have Fish Cursors  You will get your login information in a week, most times less. The Web Package Includes A Site, I create the sites from scratch, so you don't already need to have a host to get the free page.