LED lighting for planted tank

Oct 9, 2016
I have just bought a new 55g tank kit that came with LED lights. I have had many planted tanks in the past and they all had florescent tubes so i just swapped them out with "grow lights". I have not dealt with LEDs as it has been a new thing since I had my last tank. I have the Marineland led lights that came with the tank set. I have two of them and the specs for each on are as follows.
  • # and color of lights - 42white/3blue
  • total watts per fixture - 4.62
  • total LUX - 990
  • total Lumens at 12" - 310
  • Kelvin rating - 5500


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Jan 11, 2013
East Aurora, NY
IMO, it depends what type of plants you intend to keep. What you have would likely work with anubia and java fern, especially if you attach it up higher on decor.

FWIW, I have a 48-60" Current Satellite LED+ over my 55g and it grows amazon sword, crypts, anubia and java fern in this tank.