Kr1st3n's 5 Gal. Community Tank!

Nov 10, 2014
Florida, USA
DSC_3614[1].jpg DSC_3843[1].jpg

This is my 5 Gal. community tank! I have one male Veiltail Betta, two Apple Snails, and two African Dwarf Frogs. The only plant I have in the tank is a moss ball, though I may add more later. All of the plants shown are plastic, but soft enough for my Betta's fins. I have grass and the tree cave for my ADF's, so they can hide away.

The set up with the tree cave in the middle was my first set up, and the grass was hidden in the corner. My frogs hid so well that it would be hard for me to feed them, so I switched the cave to the side, and the grass more in the open. Now they zoom around, hide when they need, and have an area I can find them for meal time. (I take them out into a quarantine tank if they look like they aren't eating, so I can make sure.)

This tank has a Whisper 10i on the right side of the tank, and a air stone hidden in the plants on the left side. There is about an inch to two inches of gravel at the bottom of the tank, so the ADF's can dig around, and it slopes gradually from the left side down to the right side to provide a more natural looking environment, and promote a slight current.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions for improving my tank set up, I would much appreciate them!!


Elite Fish
Jul 19, 2004
Cape Cod
Looks nicely arranged to me. You keep the gravel nice and clean!

Have you ever considered adding more real plants? There are a few that require absolutely no effort or special lighting - java fern comes to mind. Grows slow but it is darn near impossible to kill.