How to Protect Your Koi Pond Plants

Apr 14, 2011
There is no reason that Koi and Koi pond plants can't co-exist, however many Koi owners are very reluctant to mix the two. The main reason for this is that these fish are voracious eaters and will consume almost anything they can fit into their mouths!

Koi are by nature very curious and each has a unique personality. Koi pond plants might become food, provide entertainment or even be ignored. Unfortunately there is no way to predict how your particular fish will react.

In general it works out better to introduce your Koi into a planted pond than to introduce a Koi pond plant into an established Koi pond. Koi are curious fish and will go over to investigate the new addition. Then, if one begins to nibble on the plant they will all nibble on the plant as they learn from each other.

However, if you put a few new Koi into an already planted pond chances are that they'll probably leave the plants alone. Exploring a new environment and finding new things to do can occupy them, thus providing a bit of protection for the plants.

Koi pond plants that have recently been potted do not have well developed root systems to help hold the soil in the pot and the plant in the soil. If your Koi can find any way to get to the soil they will uproot your plant. Rooting is an instinctive behavior for members of the carp family.

Apr 22, 2011
Koi Pond plants need a little careful planting, to maintain water quality high.Koi pond plants are crucial to make it look attractive pool pond.Koi absolutely beautiful in and out of sight under the leaves and the flowers are beautiful.