Help with my GoldFishes


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Call around to the local pet stores most of the non-chain stores will take them as store credit toward other fish you would like to get. Gold fish are great and fun fish to raise the problem is the size they can become, sure I had some comets not get any bigger then a few inches but I never knew what ones that was going to be. I only had Gold fish because they survived as feeders not eaten in the Oscar and Jack Dempsey tanks. If you really like a couple of them you could keep two of them (if they get bigger then 10" you would have to re-home them) and get homes for the other or get credit at the local if you can. Two 4-8 inch Gold fish in a 44G is do-able if you are doing 30-50% water changes per week religiously. You could even find two of those Black moor or (Fancy gold fish), most of those don't grow over 10".
What ever you do we would love to see some pics!!!!!!!!!!!! In the mean time join us in our other forum topics and feel free to make comments there.

Apr 27, 2012
Lexington, KY
where im at i pay $3 for 6-8inch comets.

IMO i would ditch the goldfish setup since you already have what you need for a tropical tank and go with a small community tropical tank. few platties, few mollies, maybe a small barb like and odessa barb, and maybe one cory catfish. All being beginner fish, this would be a great start for your fish keeping voyage

Hope this helps