Help!!! White "fuzz" all over my sons Betta.

Jan 2, 2007
My son just got a Betta on Friday. He adores the fish. I looked at him this morning and he has this white "fuzz" all over him. It does not cover him completely but he has several spots of it. Plus, he is not swimming around like he normally does. He is just staying still with his tail fins down and his head up. Is there something that I should be doing to help him? Do you think he is sick? Thanks for any help that you can give me. :eek:


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Nov 16, 2006
Deerfield, WI
Hi, I'm by no means an expert on fish diseases, but you may want to do a search on your symtoms in the disease forum, I see a couple threads that could be the same as yours. I hope your sons betta makes it through, they are such cool fish.


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Dec 12, 2006
i had the same thing on one of my bettas, and he died. i never figured out what it was and some of the other ones had it for a while too, but then it cleared up (i treated one) and they are still alive. from what i tried to figure out it was some kind of fungus or body fungus, but i dont know if it was a "true fungus" or not so i didnt know how to treat it. i used Maracyn i think to treat him...i also googled it to find out about what to use and the package the medicine came in had a great flowchart to help diagnose any type of disease your fish may have, and what to use to treat it.

if you do decide to treat him, try to find the meds in powder form because the tablets are hard to give the proper dose in a smaller (1gal) betta bowl.


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Mar 21, 2006
is it ich or fungus?if it looked like a dot of white spot one by one then it is ich or if it looked like a white grass then it is fungus.try to add some salt first and then go to the nearby lfs to get some fungus medicine.but the percentage for it to live is 70%-30%

Sep 6, 2006
NS, Canada
UltimateBettas has a very informative common disease section. Here's a link to the thread: Fish Disease Treatments - UltimateBettas

The part you may be interested in is this, I don't know exactly which of the two of these you may have, but here's the medications for some symptoms. Decide which sounds the most like your situation, then treat accordingly.

Symptoms:Thin, translucent/fuzzy white patchy growths = Columnaris disease. This will eventually start to peel the skin off in strips, leaving a bloody red area on the fish.
Use: Any sulfa drug combo, like Triple Sulfa, Super sulfa, or try some aquarisol or copper safe.


Symptoms: Stringy white cotton like growths on fins or body = Saprolegnia Fungus. If neglected the cottony area's will disappear and turn into severe red sores which eat away the fins and/or the skin.
Use: Forma Green (from, Nox Ich or Quick Cure.

Hope this helps!

May 10, 2016
I got a betta named Nemo not long ago at pets mart. When I got the fish I saw a clear fuzz on the spine but I ignored it. The fish would not eat and died a day later. Would I be able to get a refund?