Mar 22, 2016
Hey there! Im Misty. I'm just starting out. I've been wanting a fish tank for quite some time, so I finally broke down and went for it.

I don't have any fish. But I do have three red claw crabs and three ghost shrimp. They don't seem to even acknowledge each other, despite everyone telling me that the crabs would eat the shrimp. All in a 5.5 G tank. I made sure to have land space available for my crabs since they like to be out of the water as well.

I believe one of my crabs might be dead? All day today she's been lying on her back in the sand. She hasn't been moving, so I'm really not sure if she's dead or molting.

It's a nightmare trying to find any information on red claw's anywhere. No one seems to agree on the best way to care for them.

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself!